TIDY FOX Cleaning Vinegar – 2 LITRES (For: Bathroom, Kitchen, Tiles, Toilet, Floor, Taps, Cloth Softener, Limescales, Pantry) – High Power / Made In India / All Purpose Cleaner / 2 BOTTLES OF 1 LITRE EACH

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Product Description

Tidy Fox Brand LogoTidy Fox Brand Logo


All Purpose Cleaner

All Purpose Cleaner



Cost Effective

Cost Effective



All Purpose Cleaner

Reduce the burden of having different product for every cleaning need. Tidy Fox Cleaning Vinegar is the one stop solution for all your cleaning issues.

Kills all odourRemoves limescalesCleans kitchenCleans veggiesCleans fruitsKills mouldSoftens clothesWhitens clothesCleans washing machine

Disinfect & Clean

Tidy Fox Cleaning Vinegar will disinfect your space with utmost care.The low pH of Cleaning Vinegar destroys cell structure of bacteria and viruses which also prevents regrowth.

Note: Cleaning Vinegar is not a sanitizer.

Cost Effective

We spend a lot on house hold cleaning products.Cleaning Vinegar replaces the need to buy those products and thus saves a lot of money.Moreover, Tidy Fox Cleaning Vinegar can be reused in cases when it is used to soak some items. Just store it separately and reuse for the same purpose.


Other cleaning products contain PERC, Formaldehyde. 2-Butoxyethanol, Ammonia, Sodium Hydroxide, Chlorine. These chemicals are highly harmful for humans / pets as well as nature.These chemicals kill the aquatic life when left in drain water.Tidy Fox Cleaning Vinegar is water based product. It contains 6% acetic acid which quickly degrades when mixed with drain water.Also Cleaning Vinegar Vegan, hypoallergenic and safe for humans / pets.

Weed KillerWeed Killer

Weed Free Garden Without Harmful Chemicals

Make unwanted grass in your backyard disappear by spraying Tidy Fox Cleaning Vinegar. Spray liberally and let the grass die on its own.

Note: Cleaning Vinegar will not differentiate between wanted and unwanted plants. Spray cautiously.

Soft Clothes & Clean Utensils

Front Load Washing Machine

Front Load Washing Machine





cloth softener

cloth softener

Clean Your Washing Machine With Tidy Fox Cleaning Vinegar

Spray all over the drum and clean with a cloth.Clean the outer area and gaskets as well.Add some Tidy Fox Cleaning Vinegar to detergent section and run a cycle without clothes.Remove the lint filter and clean with cleaning vinegar & brush. Soak in Cleaning vinegar for 1 hour if the deposits are heavy.You will have better smelling clothes in next wash.

Clean Your Dishwasher With Tidy Fox Cleaning Vinegar

Remove all the utensils and trays from the dish washer.With a cloth & brush, remove any debris stuck inside the dishwasher.Give a rub using Cleaning Vinegar.Place a dishwasher safe bowl at bottom of empty dishwasher and run a hot water cycle. It will remove any grease and soap scum stuck inside.Clean the outer area likewise.Enjoy clean and fresh utensils on next cycle.

Make your Whites White Again

Make a mixture of 1 part Tidy Fox Cleaning Vinegar and 4 part water.Soak your white clothes over night.Wash in the morning as usual.

Soft & Long Lasting Clothes

Add 1 cup of Tidy Fox Cleaning Vinegar in final rinse cycle on washing machine.If hand washed, soak washed clothes in 1 part Cleaning Vinegar & 6 part water for 15 mins.Your clothes will be soft as brand new.No soap residue.No artificial smell.Soft on skin.

Cost EffectiveCost Effective


Tidy Fox Cleaning Vinegar can be reused when used to soak any item.Example: If you unclog the shower head by soaking it in Tidy Fox Cleaning Vinegar, just store the leftover liquid in a separate bottle and reuse for similar purpose like cleaning bathroom or removing limescales.Same can be done when used to soak clothes. The diluted solution can be used to soak a second set of clothes as well.


Keep Away From Natural Stones

Although we want our precious stones to keep shining, Cleaning Vinegar is not a product for that.While using on natural stones like marble and granite, use it highly diluted.

Do not consumeDo not consume

Do Not Consume

This is not a food grade product.Do not consume.

keep away from childrenkeep away from children

Keep Away From Children

Although Tidy Fox Cleaning Vinegar is pretty safe to use, its not a good idea to let kids handle it.Keep away from reach of children.

NO MORE HARMFUL CHEMICALS IN YOUR HOUSE !!! Most cleaning products contain harmful chemicals like bleach, surfactants, emulsifiers, etc. Cleaning Vinegar is free from all these chemicals and will keep your home chemical free.
100% BIODEGRADABLE !!! Its our collective responsibility to use eco-friendly products as much as possible. Cleaning Veniger is vegan, water based and does not posses a harm to environment when mixed with drain water.
POCKET FRIENDLY AND EFFICIENT !!! Tidy home does not need to be a costly affair. Synthetic Cleaning vinegar is a effective cloth softener as well as a utensil cleaner. This cleaning agent will make your washing machine / dishwasher as clean as new.
MADE IN INDIA / MARK OF QUALITY !!! Assured leak-proof packing so that you don’t receive a damaged product.


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