Social India Craft Lotus Mandala Copper Bottle

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Copper Designer Bottle Mandala Collection – Lotus Mandala Pure Handmade Copper Product…. “A PERFECT GIFT ITEM FOR YOUR LOVED ONES” Health Benefits “AS WE ALL KNOW COPPER IS GOOD FOR HEALTH AS AYURVEDA RECOMMENDATION”. Copper is essential mineral for our body. Box Pack: 1 Qty Material: Copper Type: Bottle Design: Regular Mandala Art Color: White & Multi Color Each piece is carefully handcrafted by artisans, and no pieces will be exactly similar. SIC Copper products have been verified as 98% pure by Lab Test. To clean, rub the COPPER PRODUCT with a lemon wedge covered in salt. Copper Product should be washed daily and wipe off with a soft cloth for sparkling results.


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